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Dr. Nirmal C. Shah ( B. E. Civil., M. B. A. Phd. ) Director of Om Counselling Centre is a leading mind development expert, General Counsellor, Reiki and a Crystal Grand Master, a Grand Teacher in Meditation, Self Hypnosis and Mind ( Personality ) development. He Conducts Various Programs and Practical Workshops Since 1997, for various schools, Institutions, Corporates and Organizations. He has his own Centre based in Pune, Maharashtra (India) and provides consultancy from his Centre. He Expertises in : Meditation, Scientific Vastushastra, Numerology, Mind Development, Crystals, Psychological Counselling, Pranic Healing, Bioenergy Field, Aura interpretation, Reiki Healing, etc....

Ad.Revathi Minde ( 9423043750 )

I know Dr. Nirmal Shah since 2005. I was in serious problems of depression. Sir treated me through reiki & surprisingly I came out of all my problems . Then I personally learned healing from him . I also rectified my vastu problems with the help of sir , I got very good results with vastu rectifications. After that all my relatives started visiting Om Counselling Centre & all of them got fantastic results. My old mother sou. Tarabai Jain also come out of her personal problems. I myself & all my friends and relatives are thankful to om counselling centre & Dr. Nirmal C. Shah for this . May god bless him & his centre for that .

Sameer Bhalerao ( 9850503545 )

We had taken consultation on Vastu. We really appreciate your help for setting up my home (Vastu). This really helped us a lot. The immediate impact I started observing within a month's time, After installation of Crystals, we have been noticing major changes in our lives. We could notice remarkable growth in our business as well as personal development. Your suggestions were very simple and easy to implement. We really appreciate your help in shaping our family in healthier and wealthier way.

मी श्री.दयानंद .मो. बेद्रे

मी श्री.दयानंद .मो. बेद्रे वर्ष २००० मध्ये सिंहगड रोड, आनंदनगर, पुणे मध्ये एक फ्लॅट घेतला. त्या फ्लॅट मध्ये बरेचसे वास्तू दोष असल्यामुळे ( ओपन भीम ,पिलर ) मी वास्तू तज्ञ श्री निर्मल शहा साहेबांच्या संपर्कामध्ये आलो व त्यांनी स्वतः घरी येउन माझ्या फ्लॅट मधील वस्तू दोष दूर केले . दोष दूर झाल्यामुळे माझे संसारिक जीवनातील सर्व प्रकारचे दुख दूर झाले व मुलांचे शारीरिक , मानसिक व शारीरिक प्रगती झाली व ते आता वरिष्ट पदावर कार्यरत आहेत व मुलीचे लग्न चांगल्या घरात झाले तसेच मला व माझ्या मुलांना मानसिक त्रास, अवघड प्रश्नामुळे त्रस्त असल्यास मी व माझे मुले त्यांचे मार्गदर्शन घेतो व त्यामुळे अडचणीला तोंड देण्यास आम्हाला धेर्य येते . मी व माझे कुटुंब आम्ही सर्वजण वास्तू तज्ञ श्री निर्मल शहा यांचे शतश: आभारी आहोत व त्यांनी असेच वेळ काढून आमचे मार्गदर्शन पुढे हि करावे हि विनंती .